In Mwanza a local partner, Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania (FPCT) has a long history of working with orphans and vulnerable children (OVC). The church started to work with ESAO (East Shore Aids Orphans Project) in 1992. It was working in four regions; Mara, Mwanza, Shinyanga and Kagera, at that time the project was sponsored by The Finish government.

ESAO project phased out in 1998 as the result of formation of new Ministry in 1999 called MWAOMI ( Mwanza Orphans Ministry ) under sponsorship of individual sponsors under coordination of FIDA office in Finland. This is to say MWAOMI has experience of working with community under sponsorship program. It is operating under supervision of local committee elders.

Currently MWAOMI has permanent employed staff and volunteers or home based caregivers who normally do home visiting for counseling on parenting, and collecting some information based on child school progress and family issues like food security, hygiene etc.

Area of operations

We are registered to work in republic of Tanzania, but currently we work within Mwanza region. Most of the supported children are found in the following areas/street Kirumba, Mihama, Kitangiri, Nyamanoro, Pasiansi, Ilemela, Mabatini, Buzuruga, Nyakato, Buswelu, Igoma, Mahina, Masemele ,Kisesa, Usagala – Misungwi district and Kongolo in Magu district.

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Reproductive health

We are humans


Currently the project is supporting children and families as direct beneficiaries in different localities of Mwanza region. These children are obtained from vulnerable families of Ilemela, Nyamagana, Misungwi and Magu areas. The purpose of child sponsorship is to give opportunity to vulnerable children to have access to education which is one of their basic human right and need. These sponsored children get their sponsorship support mostly from individual sponsors from Finland.


Children normally develop their skills and talents when they meet together, so through the children clubs, children themselves participate and exercise on the leadership, behavior, good peer relationship and they also learn about culture, environmental conservation, academic improvement, farming practices and child protection issues like road safety. Through this program, 15 primary schools from Ilemela municipal council are involved, 1500 members of schools benefit directly while over 10000 children benefit indirectly.


The project is providing empowerment to the community by training them in different seminars and workshop to help them gain knowledge and experience in all life aspects. There are several Widow groups which are imparted with entrepreneurial skills. They are doing small businesses to raise their own income through soft loans. These groups are also known as self helping groups.


This program is purposely aimed at enabling the small farmers to gain the skills on good farming practices in which they are able to increase productivity of their yields through conservation farming for sustainable agriculture and environment. The existence of demonstration plot at Masemele village and in different schools that the project cooperates with, gives opportunity and chance to the community both adults and children to learn practically the good farming and environmental conservation practices like tree nursery for environmental conservation.